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Ways To Have Fun Celebrating Earth Day With Your Tweens

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Here are some fun ways to honor Mother Earth.

Pizza garden – grow a pizza garden: tomatoes, basil, thyme, garlic, onions, bell peppers, and any other veggies you like on your pizza. If you don't have the space, split the growing with friends! Other ideas.

Decorate your daughter's room by making a terrarium. Or use air plants

Talk about it! Here's a fun quiz from BYOU Magazine to get the conversation started. 

Make it a DIY fashion project

Encourage up-cycling by visiting flea markets and thrift stores when re-decorating the bedroom. 

Closet remix-rather than running to the mall for a new outfit. Create a look book of outfits re-mixing the existing clothing in their closet and/or host a clothing swap with friends. 

Put them in charge of the household's energy bill. Give them a goal to reduce the usage. 



Part of Monday Sparkles' mission is to introduce eco-friendly product(s) in our curated subscription boxes. It's important to show how to care for our environment and be good global citizens.  




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