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Happy Mother's Day from Monday Sparkles!

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Mother's Day Love
There would be no Monday Sparkles if they weren't moms. Patricia and Fanny shares how being a mother has touched and inspired them. 


By Fanny


A couple years ago I read this quote in a magazine that has always resonated with me. I don't remember the exact words but it went something like this:

"Our children do not belong to us, they are a gift and are here teach us. Our job is to guide them until they are ready to spread their wings and fly" 

Since the quote, my outlook on motherhood changed. I am grateful that I have three amazing souls that I get to guide. They teach me how to love unconditionally, how perfection is overrated, patience is important, everyday is an opportunity to become a better me. So I will do my best to treasure our time together before they take flight. 

Motherhood Monday Sparkles


Thankful On Mother’s Day
By Patricia 

It's Mother's Day weekend. Thinking about being the mother of my three beautiful children there are many descriptors, but these are the ones I feel right now: proud, lucky, overjoyed, thankful, and amazed.

I’m amazed by their kindness, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and feisty spirit. They celebrate life in ways that makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. I’m blessed to be their mother and I love them so much. A love more than words can ever describe. A love stronger than even strength embodies. 


They are my gift this Mother’s Day, and for all the Mother’s Days to come. I want to thank them for everything, big and small and for bringing me closer to their daddy, something I didn't even know was possible, and for seeing the beauty in the little things. They are truly amazing!


Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mamas out there!
Enjoy your special day you deserve it!
How has motherhood touched you? 



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