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4 Stylish Ways To Slay Your Thanksgiving Oufit

Outfit Inspo What To Wear

Here are some outfit inspo to stay stylish and comfortable on Thanksgiving day. We bet you have everything you need in your closet already! 


1. Loose, forgiving, and flexible is your friend: Choose something you are going to be able to comfortable moving around in. From reaching up high in your kitchen cabinets to getting down low on the ground to play with the little ones, think comfort! 

2. Layering will help with transitioning: Ever wear that warm and cozy sweater and mid Thanksgiving meal, you wish you had on a t-shirt instead? Nothing is more uncomfortable than being too hot or cold. Layering will also give your outfit depth for all those selfies and pics you'll be in.

3. Choose warm, rich, and darker colors: Stay away from the whites and light colored clothing. With all the food and family, your outfit is destined to meet a stain or two. 

4. Statement options: Use a fun scarf (layering), fun accessories, or a statement flat/heel to pull your outfit together! 

Voila! Thanksgiving outfit slayed.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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