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  I would say for the most part I'm connected with my children. True connection takes pursuing. It doesn't need to take all day or hours, but I believe it does require distraction free moments. 

  As my children grow older, the busier we become. Our calendar is filled to the max! It's always go-time, not enough time, and always in a rush time. On the go means less time to connect with each of my children, especially with my eldest daughter who is seven. She doesn't "need" me as much as her younger siblings so our conversations are left unfinished or hurried. Total #momfail right?!?!  

  Many times I've left our conversations feeling like I didn't dig deep enough, did she tell me the whole story, she's holding back, I should have said this... a connection-disconnection. 

  I want her to know I am here for her for whatever she needs me for. I am here to truly hear her. To give her uninterrupted time to ask questions or tell me anything she wants. Not so I would coddle or hover, but to really connect and bond. It's also important for her to get to know me. 

  When it came time to choose what would go into our box. A journal was a no-brainer. What better way to stay connected than to write, doodle, draw for each other. The writing prompts in this journal are fun and easy. There is plenty of free writing space to draw or write whatever. The part I like the best is the fact that I can write her back without feeling rushed or react emotionally charged.

   In addition to the journal, your box will be filled with fun and stylish products. This makes for a unique Holiday Gift. 

   Thank you for checking us out. Please help share and spread our sparkle everywhere. Get the box by 11/27th and we will gift wrap your purchase and deliver by Christmas. 





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