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Tips On How to Store Your Kid's Memories

Being our children's memory keepers is a huge task. If we ask them right now, they would want you to keep EVERYTHING. Yes, our children are mini hoarders. Because all of it is sentimental and we get it. It's not like toys and clothing where they grow out of it and you either donate it or hand it down. 

Deciding on what they will want to look back on when they get older or even what is worthy of making the cut doesn't have to be stressful. 

Being our Children's Memory Keepers

1. Curate it. Decide what to keep and what to toss. Have a designated place in the house where everything is showcased until the end of the season or month. Then...

2. Showcase it. What better way to show off your future Picasso's work than to frame it and add it to your home decor. Or turn their work into a coffee table book. Even a digital book isn't such a bad idea.

3. Email it. It's a great idea to start an email address for your child so you can just take a snapshot of anything they worked on and send it to them. 

4. Box it. We have storage boxes for each of our kids. Things that go in there are journals and sentimental multi-page projects they have done in the past. Special things like blankets and teddy bears including the actual newspaper from the day they were born are in there as well. 

5. Create it. There are apps like Keepy that make it super easy to create a timeline of your child's work and memories. 

6. Toss it. Recycle the rest and repeat. 


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