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DIY Floral Ring

diy Floral Ring Mother's Day

This is such a fun and creative Mother's Day gift! It's the perfect spring accessory for her mother's day outfit.

DIY courtesy of Paper & Stitch

supplies: adjustable ring(s), flowers, scissors, glue gun

Using short-stemmed (or broken-stemmed) flowers that you would otherwise have to toss, try this…Grab a ring blank, which you can find in the jewelry section at any craft store, and a glue gun. Cut the stem completely off from the bloom. Add some hot glue to the ring. Gently press the flower into the glue. Let it dry for a few minutes. And wear it out. NOTE: I used yellow mums for the ring and it lasted 3 entire days (with no water) before it started to wilt. So if you choose your flowers wisely, you can get multiple wears out of ’em.


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