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8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Fitness Journey | Love

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Since starting my fitness journey with In Shape Health Clubs, I've had good days and bad days. A "few" cheat days and some great "wow, I can SO do this" days.

Here are some things I've learned about myself that has helped me and I hope this will help you as well. 


You have to be ready mentally. The excuses will flood into all the reasons why it won't work, or why it didn't happen. KNOW what is going to get in your way and don't let yourself off the hook. For me it is scheduling/timing, childcare, and even late night snacking were and still are my challenges. I didn't make it to Inshape for a couple days so I did one of my favorite workouts on you tube. 35 minutes and done!

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2. Realistic goals: 

For me, cutting out sugar, dessert, wine, and bread completely was not going to happen. I love bread. (I'm with Oprah) and I love baking with my kids. I do want to lose weight and get leaner and I decided that I wasn't going to deprive myself either. So I am going to still enjoy them but not as much. 


3. Cheat Days:

In conversation, I will never forget what Patricia said to me once. "I'd rather indulge on really good ice cream or pizza than just any old microwave pizza or out of the carton cheap ice cream'.  SO TRUE! If you are going to cheat, at least cheat with good food. Make it worth it:) You deserve cheat days so use that as your reward. Like hanging with your girls!


4. Have fun:

Find out what makes you tick! Is it cardio, swimming, dancing, weights? For me it's variety and group classes. It's challenging and makes me stay on my toes. The bodypump and turbo kickboxing classes are hard but I always feel great afterwards (like I burned a gazillion calories) 



5. Abs are made in the kitchen:

I've been researching different kinds of meal plans and dieting methods. Again, this goes back to your goals and needs. I have a ton of friends on Whole30/Paleo including Patricia and they look great. But again, I love my little indulgences and will enjoy a glass of wine here and there so elimination diets are not for me. What I have started doing is intermittent fasting which will help my munching and snacking. I've also invested in an awesome Vitamix for yummy and healthy summer smoothies.  I also LOVE the collagen peptides from Vital Proteins for my joints, skin, and hair.


6. Self Love:

You showed up, that's it! That is the hardest part.  Having a positive attitude can be hard, especially trying to fit into those jeans. But it's been more important for my children to see me trying and having fun at the same time. 


7. Buddies:

Working out with friends and family is so much fun. Challenges, private Facebook groups, and trainers can be inspirational and motivating. So find a tribe, involve your family too! Here's a free week!


8. Information:

Always do your research and consult experts before starting something. What worked for a friend may not be right for you. There will always be opposing views on the internet. You know your body and your capabilities. 


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  • Robin on

    I love following your fitness journey! I’m with you on loving my indulgences, it’s time for me to get back to InShape and work some of them off!

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