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Surviving School Mornings: It's How You Play The Game

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School mornings. We try to get everything and everyone out on time. 9 out of 10 times we are thrown an unexpected curve ball. A permission slip or a note from the teacher that was shoved at the bottom of the backpack, a bad hair day debacle, waking up on the wrong side of the bed, sibling arguments (which I never understood how the kids have the time in the morning to get into an argument), the list just goes on. 



School mornings should be an official sport. There's the offense part (prepping) and the defense part (which may or may not involve yelling, tears, spilled milk). 

So this year, we are on a mission to have low stress mornings. Get out of the house on time with nothing left behind or forgotten. 


With that said, the only thing we can do is to beef up our offensive skills. So we have asked some of our friends and rounded up their best offensive plays.

photo: one creative mommy

Landing Pad:

"We always find the concept of the landing pad helpful. All shoes, jackets and bags HAVE to be hanging up and by the front door when they come home from school. That way the next morning we're not having to hunt." Ashley Fitting from It's Fitting



photo: cupcakes and cutlery

Multi-tasking and Lunch:

"To get out the door on time in the morning we pack lunches the night before. I'm already in the kitchen doing dishes, so I can watch over the kids as they pack to make sure they aren't only packing cookies. In the morning, both kids have to get dressed before they come out of their room.  Sharon Garofalow from Cupcakes and Cutlery


photo: pixabay


Extracurricular Activities:

"My girls do music/sports/ballet after school. To make things easier for all of us - they each have a separate "soccer" bag and "ballet" bag that's always stocked and ready to go. As soon as they come home from practice or ballet the dirty items go into laundry and the bags are restocked with clean/fresh items. It makes such a huge difference and puts an end to the last minute running around yelling "Mom, where are my soccer socks or my ballet tights!!?"  Lizzie Bermudez from Lizzy Bermudez


photo: pixabay

Clothing Ready:

"I carpool and do TWO drop-offs. So carpool mornings are hectic, especially because I have a kid that is not an early riser. The biggest set back for us is the clothing choices and the "discussions" on why it shouldn't be worn to school. Night before: clothing needs to be picked out.    Fanny - Monday Sparkles 


photo: Honest and Truly 

Laminated To Do's:

"My favorite hack is creating a to do list for each day of the week and laminating it so I'm not the one telling them what to do or nagging at them. They know what they have to do to get things done... and if they do it on time or early, they then are able to have screen time. " Michelle Price from Honest and Truly


Happy Mom, Happy Kids:

I set my alarm clock for 6am every morning. I get myself ready for the day, enjoy my coffee and read the paper or catch up with some emails before everyone gets up. I like to call it my morning “me time”. When mommy is happy (specially after her first cup of coffee) everyone is happy and on time! Patricia-Monday Sparkles.  Momlikethat


Wishing you mornings of warm coffee and extra time to wing that liner. 
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