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Happy Mother's Day

The one thing we've learned about balancing a business and family is that there really isn't a perfect balance. Letting go of that pressure and learning to take each day as it comes has helped us navigate motherhood. One thing we make sure to do from time to time is to take care of ourselves and fill our own cup up. Whether it's a date night or one-on-one time with each of our kids, getting a massage, going for a run, shutting off our phones for a day, a drink with our girlfriends or 15 minutes of quiet time.

We had no idea how hard (yet amazing) motherhood would be until we got there. So to all of you amazing mamas out there, thank you for your continuous support in the last two years. You guys are our biggest cheerleaders! We hope you have an extra special weekend of love, back rubs, handmade cards, breakfast in bed, and lots of kisses and hugs from your little and big ones.


Fanny and Patricia


  As a thank you to our incredible community of mamas and daughters, and in celebration of Mother's Day, we are offering 15% off site-wide Friday 5/12 through Sunday 5/14 using code: LOVEYOUMOM at checkout. 

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