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Hello Monday - Earth: 30 Things To Do In Summer


1. Go to CVS and buy the water balloons that build in 1 minute

2. Read a newspaper

3. Do a walking tour of your city (or any other city)

4. Set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood

5. Go camping

6. Make a DIY

7. Go grape stomping at a vineyard

8. Have a yard sale

9. Plant a tree in your community

10. Do a Random Act of Kindness

11. Do a mindful moment

12. Play in your sprinkles

13. Watch the sunset

14. Watch a movie

15. Make a movie

16. Stay home

17. Go to a summer camp

18. Fill up a bucket of ice water and let someone drop it over your head

19. Make popsicles 

20. Use your trampoline

21. Go to the library

22. Visit your relatives

23. Spend more time with your mom and dad

24. Write a letter

25. Go to a soccer game

26. Go to the pool

27. Go for a hike

28. Write a poem

29. Go to the farmer's market

30. Organize a block party


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