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Hello Monday - Sparkle: Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Here are a few items that we like, and hopefully it saves you some time hunting as well! 

Dollar Shave Club – Monthly razors sent straight to your door. Try this starter kit for only $8. Quite a steal!

Fishing Vest Pack – Retractor, nipper, forceps, and Leader straightener. Necessities for the guy who likes to rise early with the trout. 

Knife Sharpener – Portable sharpener for all pocket knives, cooking knives, etc.

Three Easy DIY Father's Day Gifts

If you want to make your Dad feel extra special this Father’s Day why not make him something handmade? Here are three easy DIY Father’s Day gifts that will surely bring a smile to your Dad’s face.

Father's Day Mugs

Decorate a mug any of these ways:

1. Use Sharpies or paint

2. Write "Cool" or "Awesome Dad" with an up arrow

3. Draw a picture of Darth Vader and write, Who's Your Father?

4. Write "World's Greatest Dad", "Coffee Dates Better With Dad" or "Only Awesome Dads Get Pats On The Back"

Footsteps Craft

1. Dip your shoes or feet in paint and place on paper to make print

2. Write: "Following in Dad's Footsteps"

Hammer Pun from the Cubicle Chick

1. Decorate a hammer with puffy paint or craft paint

2. Write: When it comes to being an awesome dad, you nailed it!

Hope this is a helpful guide for those of you who saved the gift hunting for this week...(raising hand)

P.S. Amazon Prime has free two-day shipping (We use this option a little more than we’d like to admit.).

What are your Father’s Day traditions? A day outdoors is the main theme for us, and of course, his favorite foods.


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