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Human Kindness

The incredible Power of Kindness.

In the recent months we have witnessed so many tragedies in our country. Both from mother nature and insensible acts.

Most recently our beloved Napa and Sonoma communities have been severely impacted with fires that as of right now are not contained and are continuing to grow. 
We have friends that have lost everything and have friends in the the front lines fighting these fires. 

Through these tough times, we have seen how brave and kind everyone in this country has been. Strangers offering up their homes, companies taking care of their employees and their families, pages and funds being set up online to financially help those affected. Color, race, political differences all put aside. None of this matters. A neighbor and friend in need is just that.

We say our children's generation is in trouble and that they lack empathy and mindfulness. We beg to differ. 

In the past few days, we have seen our daughters and their friends worried and scared. They want to know that their friends are okay and that their school will not burn down.
They are learning that things are just things. Life and family is what is most important. How helping and serving our community impacts many.
They see and watch us as we check in with each other. They see our friends on the local news leading with courage trying to keep everyone safe. They are going through their toys and clothes for donations.

Our children are learning to be brave and are given this opportunity to be kind. Which has always been within them. 
Thank them for their kindness and tell them how proud you are of them for being brave.

Ways to Help:

Wine Country Fire Victims

Hurricane Victims

Las Vegas Shooting Victims


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