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Marin Bee Honey Butter | Love You Mom Limited Edition Box Product Feature

We are so thrilled to include this all natural pure honey butter head to toe hydration from Marin Bee Company in our "Love You Mom" limited edition box. 

Marin Bee Company founder and backyard beekeeper, Debra Tomaszewski, discovered the profound effect honey had on her skin while tending her hives; her delicious honey improved her skin and complexion. She combined her freshly harvested honey with soothing, time tested ingredients like oatmeal, aloe, olive oil and added nature’s own “cure-alls” such as salt, clay and essential oils created from powerful botanicals.

Debra was so excited that simple, effective natural ingredients could dramatically improve and nourish skin, she couldn’t resist sharing her homemade recipes with others. Lovingly crafted, her recipes became the base for Marin Bee’s Pure Honey Skincare line. 

Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare Collection is formulated with local California Wildflower Honey and powerful organic and natural ingredients. Marin Bee products work in harmony with nature to detoxify, nourish, cleanse and protect skin from environmental damage, leaving it restored, soft, supple and radiant - the way nature intended it. All their Wildflower Honey is cultivated on the hillsides of Northern California and supports local habitats, native species and assists in repopulating honey bee populations.

They've also launched a nonprofit called Planet Bee Foundation, to foster the next generation of environmental stewards. Planet Bee offers free and low-cost backyard beekeeping workshops and hands-on bee education lessons to schools, nonprofits, community gardens, environmental centers, businesses and communities. Learn more or donate here:

We are so honored to work with this amazing company and can't wait for you to try this all natural and organic product. We'd love to know what you think of it too! Use code: MondaySparkles to get 15% off on any orders with Marin Bee Company.

And definitely don't miss out our Love You Mom box. Limited quantities and always free shipping. Get social with us and tag us to be featured #sparklesomeonesday 

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