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How to Host An Epic Moms' Night In

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Hosting a gathering with your gal pals? Make it as low key or as fancy as you want, but no matter what, make it memorable and fun. Read on for guaranteed fun.


Date: This is probably the hardest part. Finding a date and time when you are all available. We like it in the evenings after the kids go to bed. Evite. Email. Text. However the invites get's  ALL good. 


Grub: Why fuss over the food? As moms, we do too much already so setting up a huge spread isn't necessary for a fun gathering. Take out and store bought is the best! We love snacking and grazing versus a full on meal when catching up with our tribe. Currently in our pantry is Oogie's Toffee Butter Popcorn. YUM! 


Game: This is the main attraction! Sure, gathering together to catch up and talk about our little angels is fine and all. But THIS is even better! Remember? You want memorable and fun.

Everyone wins with this fun and inspiring game. We have never experienced a game like this one before. When we first played Sparked, it was with our daughters and other mother/daughters we had just met at a retreat! It was super fun. And it's like a new game every time we play it.


Drink/Dessert: Make up your own mocktail or cocktail. We call ours "Sparked". 
Instead of a drink, make it a dessert! Freeze this cocktail and voila, hello "Sparkpop"!
Sparkling Juice or Sparkling Wine
Assorted fruit sorbets 
Garnish with real fruit




Get the game today! Our LOVE YOU MOM tote includes this amazing game and many more ways to celebrate motherhood. No matter what stage of motherhood you are at.


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