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One Simple Way to Stay Connected This Summer | Love

Not only does this activity bust the typical summer "boredom". There will be laughing and bonding!'s family game night/day/afternoon. Not just any typical game, these are games aren't your typical board games. No puzzles here. These boredom busters are fun and memorable. 


Bean Boozled: one player spins the wheel, then everyone picks up the colored jelly bean and eats it! The catch: you may taste a yummy flavor or you may taste stinky socks, lawn clipping, spoiled milk. 


Toilet Trouble: how many flushes before you get squirted?

Pie Face Showdown: who's going to get pied?

 NOT Parent Approved: award winning Card Against Humanity but for the entire family.

The best can even make up your own games!

A recent favorite is the sour candy challenge. We bought every sourest candy we could find. Blindfolded the kids and had them guess what the candy was while recording their "sourpuss" faces. Sometimes the playback is the best part.

We'd love to know ways you bust boredom during the summer or anytime of the year. Sign up today and stay connected with us.



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