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Our Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List Monday Sparkles Parenting

Do you have anything you’re wanting to tackle this fall? We know that the answer is probably yes, but you’re just too busy to get anything done right? So we decided to write down our bucket list to get you mommies out there inspired. Write it down so we can help each other to at least check some off from the list. Even if it takes till the end of November to complete!

Here is our top ten:

1. Weekend staycation with hubby – Patricia

2. Master a mean apple pie – Patricia

3. Foggy morning hike with the family – Patricia

4. Start knitting projects for Christmas – Patricia

5. Step up my running game for this event – Patricia

6. Planning an epic vacation with the family to DisneyWorld/Disney Cruise. Got tips? Send them my way! - Fanny

7. Filling my blank walls with pictures and decor by channeling my inner Joanna and Chip- Fanny

8. Having more dates with the hubby even if it's only a quick lunch- Fanny

9. Read More. Not just childrens literature.- Fanny

10. Take legit family photos with professional photographer - Fanny


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