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Ottilie and Lulu Clean Skin Tween Face Wipes: Monday Sparkles Product Feature

Confession: We have been using Costco wipes for way too long. They became our household multi-purpose wipes. We used the wipes for those cute little hands and mouths but the girls aren't so little anymore. 

If you think about it, those super handy Costco wipes aren't really that good for the face nor is soap and water. And if your tween wears sunscreen daily, water alone will not remove the chemicals. 

Tween years are when the skin changes hormonally. It's time to upgrade and start creating healthy skin care habits. It's a great way for them to start learning about products and what ingredients they put on their skin matters. Just like the food they put into their bodies. 

Ottilie and Lulu has a complete skin care line just for tweens. Yes, just for them! This brand is effective and gentle. No harsh chemicals and dermatologist tested.  

One of the products we have curated in our Back To School Survival Kit is the Clean Skin Tween Face Wipes from Ottilie and Lulu Naturals for Tweens.

These award winning wipes are perfect for the girl on the go. Not only are these wipes great for creating healthy skin habits, they are the easiest and fastest all-natural way to clean your face. Anywhere!


 We can't wait for you to try it. We'd love to know what you think of it too! Order a Survival Kit today or check out our other cool boxes. Get social with us and tag us to be featured #mondaysparkles #sparklesomeonesday 




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