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Product Feature With Scratch and Grain Baking Company

Our "Be The Light" box is inspired by celebration, togetherness, and the love of giving. A time when communities, families, and friends come together to celebrate receiving and giving back.

Growing up, one of our favorite memories are around delicious cooking and sumptuous desserts. The memories of coming together to connect, laugh, and catch up while baking and cooking.  Now as mothers, we love baking with our children and gifting their creations to friends and teachers.


We are so delighted to feature Scratch & Grain Baking Co. in your holiday boxes. Not only are their cookies delicious, their kits use all natural and GMO-Free ingredients. Watch the video to hear their story.

"We wanted to make homemade baking fun, delicious, easy and as a little healthier. So we went to work creating a baking kit that had all the BEST ingredients measured out individually so you know what is in your food, and made it a fun and easy experience. " Taya and Leah


We think the world of Taya and Leah and their company's mission on donating to charities. If they look familiar it's because you may have seen them on Shark Tank!  
Monday Sparkles Be The Light

Get a gift that is unique and special this holiday and it includes Scratch & Grain Baking Co.'s Sugar Cookie Mix. Ships out December 15th. Free shipping. 

Check our our Anniversary Special! 



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