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Product Spotlight- Meet the Founder- Truly's Naturals

Back To School Meet the Founder Truly's Naturals Tween Beauty and Skincare

 Our Back to School Box is filled with the coolest products and we can't wait until you get it!! In this box, we are featuring an effective, safe, and nontoxic deodorant for kids. If you haven't yet, your tween may be developing a bit of body odor. Along with teaching your kids about good hygiene, teaching them about where their products come from ( ingredient-wise) is just as important.

We've partnered with Angela, founder of Truly's Natural Product and asked her about her business. 


  1. What inspired you to create your brand?                                                                 I was suffering undiagnosed health problems ( which I found out years later to be Lymes disease) and I was trying to eliminate chemicals from my personal care products as much as possible, but could not find a natural deodorant that actually worked all day. I came across a health article about using sugar to kill bacteria and I thought "would that work for deodorant?" and turns out that it does!


  1. Biggest Success?                                                                                                     I would say that my biggest successes are the notes I get from people who had struggled like me to find something natural that worked and are so relieved and thankful for the product. It is really humbling and encouraging when someone tells you that your product changed their life.

  1. Biggest Challenge?                                                                                               My biggest challenge is keeping things in proper perspective. I am a homeschooling mom and my family takes priority over the business. However I have perfectionistic tendencies, so it is an ongoing effort to be ok with good enough. I started this business to help people and we give a lot of the profits to charity, so I constantly remind myself of the "why" and that is very helpful. It is also difficult when someone doesn't care for a product for whatever reason. I know that no product is a great fit for everyone, so we offer a money back guarantee.

  1. What advice would you give anyone following their dreams and passions?           I would say look at the big picture, the eternal picture, and make your decisions from there. Play the long game and that is the best way to live a life with meaning and purpose.

  1. What would you tell your younger self?                                                                   I would say "Don't worry, God's got a plan. Relax, He's got this."

  1. What do you love about the product we are featuring? Tips?                                 I love that it is so natural that it is made from all edible ingredients and its a product that really works for most people. The consistency will change with the temperature because of the coconut oil base but this does not affect the product's effectiveness. Do place in a ziplock bag to be on the safe side while traveling and if it gets too soft for your liking, a few minutes in the fridge or freezer will firm it right up again.



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