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Seven Ways To Surprise Your Tween

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Surprises. We love seeing our kids smile from pure joy and delight. Here are seven simple ways to surprise your kids! 
  • Snail Mail: Send them a letter in the mail. Tweens love receiving messages of encouragement.
  • Surprise Sleepover: Secretly plan a sleepover with her bestie this summer.
  • Big Girl Moment: Nothing is more surprising than letting her have a big girl moment. Like a bubble bath with a fizzy drink in a champagne flute. 
  • Dance Dance Dance: Create a playlist of her favorite songs without telling her. Her ears are in for a treat! 
  • Playing Hookie: Take the day off or a half day from work and spend it with just you and her! Time to cross off some things from your bucket list.
  • Treasure Hunt: Leave clues around the house to a special prize or treat.
  • Dessert First: Nothing like changing the mood of a grumpy tween than surprising them with dessert first, then dinner. They will think you have lost your mind!  
  • Car Karaoke. Because YES! Here are our favorite tunes to get you started.



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