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Skincare for Tweens

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Skincare for Tweens 

Tween Skincare | Monday Sparkles

As soon as those signs of breakouts and oiliness start appearing, it's time to teach them the value of taking care of their skin. Thank you puberty and hormones.

Lucky for us and them, the range of natural skin care has grown significantly since when we were tweens. Remember, a healthy skincare routine needs to be taught. So show them how to take care of their skin.

Be mindful of the product ingredients. Give them the access to our favorite site before you buy so they can also learn about toxic ingredients versus safer and effective alternatives.


Do cleanse with a cleanser for their skin type versus soap. 

Do make cleansing easy by having it in the shower, it's easier because they are already all wet!

Do emphasize on the importance of evening cleansing. Going to bed with clean skin is always a great idea. Less dirt and oil will transfer onto their pillowcase.

Do use face wipes especially if your tween is active and in sports. Super easy to use and light enough for their backpacks.




Do treat blemishes and oiliness with the appropriate products

Do tell them all this is normal. Teach them about hormones, genetics, and bacteria.  

Do use a mask versus a scrub

Do DIY masks and Treatments...perfect for some Mother Daughter bonding time! 




Do use sun protection daily. Hindsight is 20/20 and we know their young skin will thank them later in life. 

Do protect lips often.

Do moisturize even if skin is oily. Use oil free.



            Skin Care For Tweens | Marin Bee | Monday Sparkles


Extra Credit

Clean and disinfect the cell phone on the regular.
Keep pillowcases clean.
Stay hydrated and drink water.
Always take off makeup and sunscreen. Sunscreens need a cleanser for removal just
like cosmetics. 


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