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4 Great Reads About Tweens And Emotions

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Fall is in full swing and we've survived back to school! We've got this. Everyone's all good, teachers are good, activities scheduled, carpool worked out, even signed up to participate with upcoming fundraisers at school, this is going to be the most organized school year ever!! We ARE pros at this now!! The entire family is in a groove. YES!!! 

Well kinda sorta... we didn't expect this: The "moody" tween.  


Where did these emotions come from? Why is she acting this way? Every morning we aren't sure who is going to show up at the breakfast table. Same with after school, the simple "how was school today" may or may not include a snappy response.

We've rounded up some reads from the web so we can connect and understand. 

1. Emotion SOS! Help your tween with self awareness. This awesome printable poster we provided in our Back to School Survival Kit along with the full blog post from Girl's Leadership. This poster is a fantastic conversation starter! 

2.  Give them space. Our first reaction is to help fix or pry the "problem" out of them. If we really think about it, sometimes they don't need us to fix it. They just need some space and will come to us when they are ready. 

3. It's about the hormones from experts. Take note. 

4. Change her perspective by instilling TRUE gratitude. This is huge not only for them but for us mamas too. Taking the time to fill our own hearts with gratitude can be challenging when there is so much going on. 


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