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Ways To Stay Connected With Your Tween When Short On Time

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With school, sports/enrichment programs, and social engagements (birthday parties and playdates), the kids are busy. They hardly have any downtime during the week. When did we get so busy? The older our children get, the busier their schedules have become. 

Even though we are with our children ALL the time, it's just not the same thing as carving out a little time to connect right?!  In a blink of an eye, our tweens will become independent teens that won't need us as much anymore. Tissue please... hashtag we are not ready for this.

Stay Connected with Tweens

1-Dance Party

Nothing like a quick silly dance party to bond and laugh. So once a day, we try to have a quick little dance party. Usually after dinner before bath. The kids start dancing while I finish up with the dishes and then I will join in. We have so much fun laughing! 


2-Car Karaoke

We spend A LOT of time in the car. If we get to our destination early, we pull out the phone and record ourselves belting out our favorite tunes. And sometimes we may have a friend that carpools with us and they have just as much fun. 


3-Go for a walk

Quick walks are great to get some fresh air and bond. I want to see the world through her eyes. Instead of talking about random things, I "try" to have conversations with my daughter about mindfulness and gratefulness. Quieting the mind and being present to listen to the noises like birds chirping or children laughing. Looking around to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Taking a moment to feel our breaths, how the wind or the sun feels on our skin. 


4-Milk and cookies

When my tween has had a really bad day, we go straight for the milk and cookies. Who does not like a warm cookie with a cold glass of milk? YUM! I try to be awesome and have home made cookie dough pre made in the freezer but that's not always the case. Sometimes store bought cookies are just as good. If we have lots of time, we make the cookies together. 


Taking 5 to 10 minutes once in a while out of our packed schedule has not only changed the tone of a stressful and long day, it uplifts me as well. How do you stay connected with your tweens when you are short on time? 

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