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Ways To Stay Healthyish When You Have Kids

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A little over two months ago, our co-founder Fanny joined some pretty amazing ladies on a six month fitness journey with In Shape Health Clubs. And here she is starting her third month!  Since partnering up with InShape, she's been working out, intermittent fasting, obsessed with making and baking healthier versions of her favorite treats, and is down 2% body fat. 

Here are her top ten ways to stay "healthyish". 


10: Breathe. No, REALLY. Just breathe. Take time to mindfully breathe. In fact, take three deep breaths right now. Involve your kids and their breathing buddies.

9:  Pack a Snack: Banish that 4pm slump with a chocolate treat. Yup. Dark Chocolate trail mix with over 70% cocoa for mama. The kids love it too.

8:  Workout Buddies and workout apps are priceless! You'll burn more calories.

7: Try before you buy. Find a health club or gym that fits all your needs. Schedule, kids, type of classes, fitness goals, etc...most places will have free trials or pay per class. Try out InShape for the entire family for 7 days free!

6: Track Your Food. It's a pain, I know. I've been counting macros and it's been eye opening. The good news about this is that I can have a glass of wine if I wanted to. I track most days. I don't track on cheat days.

5: Walk the walk. I spend a ton of time sitting so I try to park farther when running errands so I can do more walking. When I am on the phone, I will also walk around just so I can move. I'm standing up while writing this piece.

4: Go for recipe websites and food blogging sites that post their nutritional information. Even the dessert ones. 

3: Yoga before bed. I've been pretty consistent about doing 5-10 minutes of stretching/yoga before bed and it's helped my flexibility and sleep. The kids will even join in some nights.

2: Going to your third kid party this weekend? Load up on veggies and good stuff before the parties. Everyone in the family loads up.  

1: Be yourself. There will be bad days, ice cream days, stay in your jammies all day days, and junk food days... you get my drift. It's okay to give yourself a pass. Just celebrate your wins and reset for the next day! 

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