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About Monday Sparkles

Hi There!

We are Fanny and Patricia the founders of Monday Sparkles, a subscription box company for girls ages 8-12 that empowers them to find their power, confidence, and promotes self-love. Our boxes are carefully curated with those three feelings in mind while donating to organizations that help tweens. 

Our story is simple, we are moms with a common goal to bring positivity, fun, and eco-conscious into the lives of as many tween girls as possible! 

So, the big question: Why tweens? Tween years is when girls start becoming self-conscious and not so coincidentally, their self esteem can begin to change. We are talking about bullying, comparison, negative body image issues, friendships, and self discovery. All of these emotions that tweens face is amplified in social media. That is why as mothers of young daughters, we founded Monday Sparkles to assist in the tough transitions tweens face. The global goal is to work with organizations that help with social issues.

Each tween will receive a box of goodies 4 times a year. With all the gifts for your tween, there will also be something for her to give to someone else. Pay it forward. Monday Sparkles is fun, positive, eco-conscious, and giving. 

Interested in collaborating, partnering, sponsoring, or becoming BFF’s? Email us at