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About Us


We are Fanny and Patricia, the founders of Monday Sparkles, a tween subscription box company that brings Earth, love, and sparkle to the lives of tweens. Our boxes are carefully curated with these themes in mind to inspire girls to be great global citizens, learn the importance of self-love, gain confidence and be a part of a special community that celebrates this transformative stage.

Our story and goal is simple, we are moms with a common goal who want to bring positivity, fun, and eco-consciousness into the lives of as many tween girls as possible. We also want to teach our girls the value of giving back. So for each box sold we will donate $1 to either a charity or a worthy organization. Our SparkleTribe will help decide to whom the donations go to through recommendations and nominating process.

So, the big question: Why tweens? Preadolescence or the "Tween Years" can bring its own challenges and anxieties, and, unlike most of the phases of childhood before this, crucial elements of preadolescence are starkly different for boys and girls. It is here that anxieties, development, and self-esteem can take unwanted turns. Enter social media and the ugly aspects of bullying, body image, and peer relationships can quickly spiral out of control. But it doesn't have to be this way. And this is why as mothers of young daughters, we started Monday Sparkles. We want to reinforce the positive and help girls across the country celebrate this special time in their lives. One box at a time.


Meet The Founders
Fanny is a mother of three spunky kiddos. She is also a personal wardrobe stylist and makeup artist. When she does have the time, she’ll dabble on her blog Stylelittle. Monday Sparkles is a passion project of hers to encourage self-love, confidence, and friendship.
Patricia is a wife, mother of three, and a runner. She pens a popular lifestyle blog called Momlikethat where she celebrates everything about motherhood, health, fashion, beauty, travel and food. She co-founded Monday Sparkles to create a fun place for tweens to be inspired, grow together and appreciate this transitional stage in life.
Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.' - C.S. Lewis